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Other Projects

Sex+ Game Jam 2.0

A 12-hour game jam around the theme of sex-positivity orgranized for senior project at NYU. My goal with this event was to create a safe environment that fosters discussion and creativity around sex-positivity.  I wanted to explore the following questions: How can sex-positivity be represented in games? Why is creating safe spaces important? How can games and technology be used to educate on sexual health?


An Auditory Adventure

An interactive educational prototype created during my Designing For Museums class. This project was designed specifically for the youth sleepovers at the American Museum of Natural History. Using blob detection, the animals in the Hall of Asian Mammals come to life when someone is looking at them. 

Built with C++, OpenFrameworks, and Kinect360.

Hall of Asian Mammal.jpeg

Bedsider's Sex+ Game Jam

A 12 hour event where people came together to make games about sex-positivity with the specific theme being.

I wanted to organize this event because of my love and passion for games, sex-positivity, and creating safe spaces.

Theme: Beyond the Condom​

Key Speaker: Naomi Clark

Attendance: 35 people

SexPos .webp
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